Tips for Choosing Best Kitchen Tiles

Your kitchen is that one single room in the house where various kinds of tiles can be installed. Each of these tiles has a unique role to play and they can all enhance the look of a kitchen beautifully. But remember that tiles that go well on the wall of your home may not be the same as the tile on a floor. That is because the tile that is laid on your kitchen floor should be safe for movement. When you use a glossy tile on your kitchen floor, it could prove to be unsafe for walking.

Check out these smart tips for choosing the best kitchen tiles Singapore.

Ascertain your budget before getting drawn towards expensive tiles

Kitchen tiles are available in different types of ranges. While some of them can be pretty costly, you can also get inexpensive ones. For instance linoleum and vinyl tiles are reasonably priced while ceramic tiles that have been customized can be quite expensive, In a nutshell, you should do proper homework before fulfilling the dream kitchen tiles that you have in your mind. A good home improvement and tile stores can guide you in estimating the number of tiles, which will be needed in your kitchen.

You need to consider the lifestyle of your family before choosing the kitchen tiles

A kitchen tile can be resilient in nature. But the longevity and the need of maintenance varies from material to material. For instance, as far as the countertops in your kitchens are concerned, ceramic tiles last for a long time and are resilient to heat from very hot pans. Moreover, such tiles are easy to maintain and clean. But the surface of a ceramic tile may not be even and may chip or crack quite easily. So, make sure that the lifestyle of your family matches the kind of tile finish you are choosing.

Ascertain the surface for installing the tiles

Prior to choosing a particular material, you must zero in the surface type on which the tiles will be installed. On one hand, you can place the tiles behind your kitchen stove as a backsplash or may be on your kitchen wall. You can not only use tiles on the floor of the kitchen but also as a kitchen countertop material.

Know the distinction between the various tiles

In your kitchen, you can use a host of materials like glass, porcelain, ceramic, bamboo, vinyl, cork, stone and quarry as tiles. For the purpose of flooring, the most common materials used are bamboo, cork, and vinyl. On the other hand, materials like porcelain, ceramic and quarry are used for floors and counters.