How important is facade designing

Constructions are never ending. All around the world buildings, bridges and roads are getting built. The construction industry is up and thriving. In Singapore, every day new buildings are coming up. As facade construction is crucial to any construction, hence facade companies in Singapore are found in plenty. In the construction industry facade construction is gaining importance slowly but steadily. The last few decades have seen cladding system being adopted and incorporated in a greater number in construction of buildings. This indeed is a growing trend in the construction industry.

Facade construction adds an aesthetic appeal to the building. It is built to cover the external bumps and jutting in a building. It is a like a dress that the building is made to wear to look better externally. This trend has been growing since the 1960s. It is in the 1960s that maximum number of facade companies in Singapore came up. The concept of facade construction made the cities look less like a concrete jungle by lending some aesthetic appeal to the constructions. Apart from beautification, facade has other utilities too. It can help reduce building’s energy consumption. Thus facade construction is very helpful.

Facade Designing:

As facade improves air flow and natural entry of light along with making the building look good, architects are now spending time in making holistic strategies for facade construction and designing. As there is an increased trend in constructing buildings that are eco-friendly, facade designing has become an important part of construction. Facade greatly influences the ventilation, heating and lighting of a building.

Facade construction is not cost effective. It often takes up as much as thirty five percent of the total cost of constructing a building. However, people are ready to bear such costs as long as the facade design is good, hence facade designing is gaining importance.

Facade engineers are always on a lookout to find new ways of making the facade construction look better and be more eco-friendly. Monitoring facade construction is very important. From the design to the installation, faced construction can go wrong, if not implemented properly. Hence there is a big risk factor while constructing faced and this is the reason facade designing and installation should be taken proper care of. Another factor that should be kept in mind is whether the building is made for commercial purpose or for residing. Based on that facade can be designed.