Things to Remember While Choosing The Tiles In Your Kitchen



The Kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that gets used by everyone and hence making it look and feel good is one of the main aims. Tiles are very useful in the kitchen as they are usually installed in various areas of the kitchen such as the floor, the wall, and also as a counter top. Therefore it is very important that the right tiles are used in the right places as this can result in you enjoying a durable and stylish kitchen for years to come whereas making the wrong choice can cause frustration and you may even have to bear the cost of redoing the tiles.

Here are a few tips to remember when you are choosing the tiles that are to be used in the kitchen.

The Right Tile In The Right Place

It is important to remember that kitchen tiles come in various shapes and sizes that have specific uses and that they have to be used accordingly. So before you choose the kind of tile that you want look at the place in which it is to be used. The tiles that are to be used as backslash for stoves and cabinets are different than the ones that will be installed on the floor. Most commonly, vinyl, bamboo, and cork tiles are mainly used for the flooring while ceramic, quarry and porcelain are more common choices for the counters and can also be used for the floor. The more decorative and glass tiles are used as wall tiles for backsplash.

Choose The Right Color

A kitchen is a place in which you will work and thus it is not purely decorative like some of the other rooms in the house thus it is important that you choose the right color scheme and design that you want for the kitchen. When you choose to use warm and earthy colors for the room it gives it a more welcoming and homely feeling and makes you feel more comfortable. On the other hand, cooler shades and more white tones can make the kitchen look more spacious and clean. Darker color schemes can also be more effective in hiding stains and can be easier to clean which can also help keep the room looking clean.

Set Your Budget Before You Finalize Your Final Look

Kitchen tiles come in various varieties and qualities this means that they can either be inexpensive for example if you choose vinyl or linoleum or they can burn a hole in your pocket very quickly in the case of custom design tiles like ceramic. Therefore it is important to first set your budget and include a little wiggle room in case you really love those hand painted tiles for below the cabinets.

Consider the Lifestyle Of Your House And Choose The Right Texture

While putting the glossy porcelain tiles on the kitchen floor can be very tempting they can be very slippery and cause problems while cooking. Tiles that have a non-slip texture can be more useful in the kitchen. The most preferred tiles for the kitchen floor are usually textured or have a matt finish.

Dont Forget The Backsplash Tiles

This is one of the places where the sky is the limit for tiles as it does not face the heavy traffic and so there is no fear of it getting worn out or broken easily. This is where you can use your creativity to make your kitchen look like a designer area with all the options for and you can also get the tiles customized if you need to.