Stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkles by exilis treatment

Signs of ageing are inevitable, but thanks to technology, there are a number of treatments to reverse the effects of ageing. One extremely popular and preferred treatment to control and reduce signs of ageing is Exilis.

What is Exilis?

Exilis is a skin tightening and a body contouring device that uses only natural Radiofrequency to reduce wrinkles from the face and fat from the body. It is also widely known to reduce the appearance of cellulite in body areas such as hips, buttocks, and thighs, where excess fat often gets deposited. Through the use of radiofrequency energy, Exilis is able to heat deeper layers of the skin, actively killing fat cells and stimulating collagen.

How Does Exilis Work?

Exilis stimulates certain processes within the deeper layers of the skin by making use of radio frequency energy or waves. By using different wavelengths and settings, the energy penetrates the skin and heats up dermis, which is primarily made up of collagen.

Exilis treatments are popular around the world, especially in the US, UK, and Singapore. Exilis Singapore has been very effective in treating both men and women of various ages in a natural and painless way.

Stimulating Collagen to Get Rid of Wrinkles

The process of skin tightening via a RadioFrequency treatment works primarily by stimulating collagen production within the dermis layer of the skin. The controlled radio frequencies release the collagen fibers in the skin, which cause fibroblasts to start producing more collagen naturally. This reaction in the skin produces skin tightening effects in just a few sittings. Exilis basically builds the fiber network within the skin to diminish wrinkles and reduce saggy skin.

By tightening skin and stimulating collagen, Exilis Singapore softens wrinkles, fine lines, and removes rhytids around the eyes and other facial areas. This treatment is also known to reduce jowls and redefine the jaw line, due to which it is often called an RF facelift. It doesn’t just work on facial features, but can also smoothen and tighten any saggy skin around the neck and lessen extra skin under the chin.

Exilis Does More than Facial Treatments

Exilis doesn’t just help reduce wrinkles and fine lines, but can also successfully remove cellulite and fatty toxins from body areas with excess fatty pockets. The most commonly treated areas using Radiofrequency are love handles, breasts, stomach, bra fat, arms, abdomen, and knees. Apart from these, Exilis is also known to be effective in body contouring, treating patients after liposuction surgeries, sudden weight loss, or pregnancy.