Advanced Skin Care Treatments: Oxygen Intraceutical Facial

How do celebrities look so beautiful and youthful in long life duration? Do they have any secret to being picture perfect? These are common questions in everyone’s mind and it is important to search for some answers to these questions, in order to get some ultimate tricks for your skin too. Years ago, plastic surgery was a popular trick for enhancing your beauty, even after crossing the mid-age limit. However, today’s technology has provided one more amazing solution. Yes, we are talking about Oxygen Facial, which is in trend these days due to its long lasting beauty treatment.

You will be glad to know that oxygen intraceutical facial treatments provide healthy results to the facial skin without causing any kind of irritation like other products. People have not observed acnes on their face after this treatment as the oxygen is capable of fighting against bacteria. Intraceuticals is the very first company from Australia that successfully initiated oxygen facial treatment in year 2002 and that is why presently most of the clients love its Oxygen facial treatments.

What is an Oxygen Facial?

Although there are many companies providing oxygen facials, the major difference is how the treatment occurs in terms of skincare ingredients used during process. There is an advanced machine available in the market that helps to control the pressure for the oxygen at the time of treatment. This pressurized oxygen delivers a serum of hyaluronic acid to the skin with very low molecular weights.

There are four options for treatment:

  1. Rejuvenate:

It helps to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from the face by boosting the hydration level in the body.

  1. Opulence:

This type of treatment is preferred by those who want to improve their skin tone as it provides a brighter tone with higher luminance.

  1. Clarity:

This oxygen facial is capable enough to remove acne from the skin as it restores the balance of moisture content in the skin. It can naturally improve the ability of the skin to defend future breakouts.

  1. Atoxelene:

It is a non-invasive Botox alternative that can provide firm skin and softer expression lines, improves lip plump and helps to define proper eye contour.

The key ingredient for all these treatments is hyaluronic acid, which is actually an important molecule available naturally inside the human body. It improves moisture content in the skin so that it can appear more hydrated and firmer for years. The complete process usually take approximately 30 minutes or one hour. Once you have received professional treatment, you can buy specialized products and try them at home time to time as advised by the experts. With a regular oxygen facial treatment, you can make your skin well-moisturized so that makeup can also appear good on your face. If you are also suffering from skin dryness and need an effective solution, contact experts around you who are capable of delivering an oxygen facial treatment.