How to keep your ceramic tiles clean

Ceramic tile is a material used for making floors. In modern day architecture and interior design, more and more tiles are used as a flooring material. Ceramic tiles are used because they are easy to main and are tough and durable. Due to its durable nature, ceramic tiles are not only used in homes but increasingly used in offices. Use of tiles in commercial spaces has seen a sharp rise in the recent past. This is because ceramic tiles incur a very low maintenance cost. Thus as Singapore is a commercial zone in Asia, there is an increase in ceramic tiles suppliers in Singapore.

nonslip-ceramic-tileThey are made up of natural particles that are given a shape and then fired in a kiln at a very high temperature. This process of manufacturing ensures that this type of tile has a longevity that is unmatched to any other flooring surface. Their durable and resilient nature makes ceramic tiles a favorite of most people. If the ceramic tiles are glazed, they have the added advantage of having a protective barrier against dirt, stain, and chemicals. Thus ceramic tiles are often glazed, which makes them even easier to maintain. However, it must be kept in mind that although ceramic tiles are easy to clean, that does not mean that they do not need maintenance. There are some steps to be followed to ensure the ceramic tiles are maintained well.

How to clean ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are easy to main. Thus they have a very easy three steps process of cleaning:

  • Sweep the floor: ensure that you sweep the floor daily. You can also use vacuum cleaners. This cleans the loose dust and dirt that accumulate on the floor. If this dust is made to sit for a long time, they turn into grime that is quite stubborn to remove and requires a lot of scrubbing.
  • Mop the floor: use warm water to mop the floor, especially if there are stains on the floor. Mopping the floor daily retains the shine of the tile and makes it look new.
  • Dry the floor: use a dry mop to dry the floor. This will prevent new dirt from settling on the floor, and creating a stain.

Following these steps help in keeping the ceramic tiles clean.

Ceramic tiles supplier in Singapore provide manuals that lay down the steps of maintaining and keeping the tiles cleans. This way, they maintain the reputation of their brand.