IPL Skin Treatment and What it can do to Our Skin

Every one of us wants to look beautiful, and to look beautiful, we must have beautiful skin.  Every day, we apply different kinds of products to our skin in order to maintain its beauty. We use lotions and moisturizers in order to avoid dry and damaged skin. We use sun block or use umbrellas to protect our skin from the sun. However, amidst all our efforts to keep our skin looking young and beautiful, we sometimes still can’t avoid our skin getting damaged. Even though we use all the beauty products we know just to restore our healthy skin, it would still not be like the original. Nevertheless, experts have discovered and come up with some skin treatment that could help you with your skin problems, and some of these include Intense Pulled Light Treatment or the IPL treatment and the Laser. What could be the difference between the two?

An article by Michelle Macmanmon will tell us about the differences between laser and IPL through stating their misconception, risks and results.

Laser vs IPL Skin Treatments:Misconceptions, Risks & Results

Lasers are no longer just futuristic space weapons or some complicated technology only used for specialized scientific research. In fact, the beauty world also embraces lasers (and many other refractive light treatments) to repair and tighten skin in lieu of surgery. Here we discuss some of the most common misconceptions with respect to the effectiveness of these treatments.

Recently, several of my friends underwent what they determined to be unsuccessful light and laser treatments. After hearing their stories and speaking with plastic surgeons, I decided to go for my own Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) session, and found that the most common misconception is that all light refracting treatments are “lasers”, when in fact they’re not.

Bad information communicated by untrained “professionals”, mislabeled online verbiage, and widespread general ignorance about techniques, procedures and client necessity feeds this ongoing issue. Furthermore, the lasers used in the offices of plastic surgeons are expensive, potent machines, unlike many of those housed in medical spas or dental offices, which contributes to the incidence of practitioners providing ineffective treatments. Read more here!

Now that we know the differences between the two, let us try to look more into the IPL Skin Treatment which is more uncommon to other people. Some might just have heard of it for the first time, so let us help them get to know more about it. It is good to know the feedback of other people who have tried using it.

Jane Daly will share to us her experience with using IPL Skin Treatment, and this might help us be convinced on using it.

IPL Skin Treatments Blew My Mind and Gave Me Baby Skin

I’ve been visiting the good people at The Ottawa Clinic for some skincare treatments lately and have been quite excited to share my experiences with you.

My first step towards better skin was to start undoing the sun damage I have been subjecting my skin to since I first started slathering myself with Hawaiian Dark Tanning Oil when I was around twelve years old. Yikes. And that is not the only way I got the sun damage I have. Years of just walking around, driving in my car with the sunroof open or the top down, and not wearing sunscreen have taken their toll. Sunscreen simply wasn’t a thing in the seventies and eighties.

So, what is sun damage? Basically it is what happens to your skin in the sun. There really is no safe way to enjoy the sun without some sun damage, short of wearing UV protective clothing. Sunscreen helps, but I know from experience that even with judicious application of SPF 50 every forty five minutes to an hour, I still get toasty brown in the sun. Like my father, I can get tan sitting in the shade just having sun reflecting on me. And my skin has paid a price. Read more here!

Great! That sounds so satisfying. Now, we already have an idea about the positive effects of IPL Skin Treatment coming from someone who has actually tried it. However, we should not be content about the statement of one person. The skin is a delicate is a delicate part of the body that is why we should be extra careful.

In the website of The Imperfect Mum, we would be able to see some questions about IPL Skin Treatment and answers from different people.

Home IPL Treatments

Hi Ladies! I’m sure a lot of you can relate… I am so fed up with constantly plucking, shaving and waxing my face and body hair! I’m a rather hairy person and my hair grows fast and thick! And unfortunately it’s dark so it’s very noticeable. I’m really not keen on going to a salon for laser treatment. I’m considering investing in an IPL system that I can use at home, but want to do my research first. So I’d like to hear from those of you who own / have used an IPL system… What do you have? What do you love about it? Any cons? Have you seen noticeable results? Tell me everything! I’d need one that I can use on my face as well as my body. Thanks in advance! Read more here!

That was helpful! It is good to seek help and advice from other people especially from those who have really gone through this kind of treatment. In dealing with our skin, first of all, we should be extra sensitive and careful with what we apply to our skin. Not all products are good to our skin that is why we should consult an expert about it first especially if you have a different skin condition. We should also protect our skin from other factors that could damage our skin. We must remember that prevention is always better than cure. If it is already there, we must take immediate action by consulting a dermatologist. Some treatments may be required and IPL Skin Treatment may one of them. You have read everything about it above, so you already know what to do.