Design Your Home Pool with Glass Mosaic Tiles

The popularity of glass mosaic tiles lies due to factors like their visual appeal and unmatched variety. Moreover, since these mosaic tiles are non-porous in nature, they can be used at ease either areas in your as pool tiles, bathroom flooring, and kitchen tiles. Glass mosaic tiles are a great choice to design artistic floors in your living spaces. In case you are hesitating on whether your pool should have glass mosaic tiles or not from good facade companies in singapore, here are the top few reasons to make up your mind.

Usually attractive

The glass is known to have certain visual attributes that are known to give a charming and luminous quality to the glass mosaic tiles. This quality makes it highly appealing to the eyes. The glass tile can be found in a wide variety of colors and are easily available in any good tile stores. These tiles may also produce a metallic shine, making them quite attractive.

The glass is known to have properties related to the reflection of light with an ability to control its transparency. Such properties enable the glass mosaic tiles to integrate with light so that dramatic effect can be produced.

Take a look at some of the reasons for using glass mosaic tiles in your home pool

Flexibility in design

These tiles have a decorative look and feel to a different type of setting. You can use them in small stretches or in bigger expanses. It is possible to be both creative as well as adventurous while using the glass mosaic tiles. You can create an intriguing effect when such tiles are combined with materials such as stone for drawing a contrast with both luminosity and textures of various materials. When the size of these tiles is small, greater controls and flexibility can be possible while creating designs.

Maintenance and longevity

The glass is a non-porous and staple material. So it is resistant to damage and staining by mold or chemicals. So, these tiles are appropriate for places like swimming pools that can be moist and damp.

You do not need to spend much time for the maintenance of glass mosaic tiles, unlike other decorative materials. You only need to make sure that they are wiped regularly so that there is no accumulation of dust and to prevent superficial staining. Make sure that you use a soft cloth for wiping them. You should only use mild detergents to remove the build-up of oil if any.


This is another merit of glass mosaic tiles. Since only reduced energy is needed for producing them, they are regarded as Eco-friendly materials. Manufacturing glass mosaic tile consumes 50 percent less energy consumption as opposed to producing ceramic tiles.