How to effectively use your living room space?

Living room is a central part of the house. It is the space where the family gathers together to spend some quality time. It is also the space where the family entertains the guests. Hence how you do up your living room determines the impression that others will have about your taste and choices. Your living room shall be a reflection of your personality. Hence what colours you use, what furniture you use, says a lot about your personality.

What colours you are using for your living room space is very important. If the walls of your living room is white then using a bright coloured carpet for your living room gives it an astonishing look. Lilac or violet carpets teamed with a white wall is a great choice. A bright curtain can add a touch of brightness to an otherwise bland room. Even a bright coloured carpet can give a lively look and feel to a room. Turkish carpets are sober in look and feel but also gives a daring look to your living room. To add some sombre earthy feel, you can always vouch on Turkish carpets. Pastel shades of flower vases and pots also add to the pretty look of the room. To know more apply now or RSVP now to various interior decoration sites.

Other ideas to redesign the living room:

Apart from colours how the room is lighted is very important. Blackout curtains can dim areas where there is excessive sunlight . Use different kinds of lamp shades to add some variety to the room. For a big room, chandeliers are a good choices, whereas for a small space you can use cute and quirky table lamps to accentuate the look and feel of the room. But it is very important that you let natural light in. Hence what kind of glass you use for your living room windows is very important. Frosted glass for windows lets in the light in a very soothing manner, prohibiting the glare of the sun. Also while choosing curtains, use light fabric that lets in more light than heavy fabric that guards light from entering the room.

Instead of going for everything matching in the room, try to go for a contrasting look that will give the room a good look and feel. To add some drama to the room, use beautiful photographs to do up the walls, they can also be family photographs.