Aesthetic Feature Wall for Aesthetic Living

For those who do not know, feature wall can be a majestic asset of the house. It is something that tells the guests how artistic is the homeowner. In order to achieve an aesthetic feature wall, the primary requirement is a good sense of creativity and style. It should also blend well with at least everything in the room. For instance, the furniture, paintings, carpet and bed it is going to be in the bedroom. Feature walls do not necessarily mean adding fun to the four-cornered room; it can also be cozy and relaxing. To avoid the feature walls from looking awkward and distracting, it is best to read the guidelines and see examples of excellently done feature walls.

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In this article by Jennings™, we will find out how to add life to your potential feature wall.

Discover how feature walls can turn any room into a masterpiece

1) Select a spacious room for your feature wall

The first step is to ensure the room you are selecting for that feature wall isn’t over-crowded. A living space where too much is going on can easily overwhelm the eyes and crease a sense of chaos which isn’t what you want! Read more here

Feature walls are undeniable stunning if they are placed where they should be. Another good point about this project is that, it doesn’t cost that much. Maybe a gallon of paint can cover up the whole space and for some, they even use wallpaper! Adding elegance does not need a whole lot of budget, after all. The only thing that keeps us from venturing in this idea is our fear to make a horrible mistake to our feature wall instead of exploring the prospective outcome. It’s 2018 and this too, shall change. We have the internet and there a lots of sites to check if we doubt our own capability of transforming a mere wall into a dazzling work of art.

For the next article written by Mike Edwards, let us learn the steps to take for our desired feature wall.

Feature Walls- How to Change the Whole Feel of a Room With Just One Wall Using Paint, Wallpaper and Many Other Materials

If you are a bit of a novice to decorating, or you want to make a change without having to spend a lot of money, then creating a feature wall might just be the one for you.

It can create a focal point in an otherwise bland room, and – if done correctly – can tie the whole room together and create harmony. Read the entire article here

The second-guessing phase whether you should have a feature wall or not is over. The next thing to do is actually do the thing. If you really want to see changes to your household, get it done now. It does not matter if you are a beginner in this subject because you can continue to learn deeper as time goes by. One of the most common misconceptions is that, feature walls are distracting when in fact, it is not at all. Setting aside the style, elegance and whatnot, feature walls are also economically reasonable with the cost and the effects it gives to a home or even a workplace.

In the last article by Chiquit Torrente-Bramall, we will be reading the positive effects of having a feature wall at home.

8 Reasons to Have a Feature Wall

A feature wall – also known as accent wall – is, technically, a wall that’s differentiated from the other walls in a room or area by its colour, texture, material treatment and, sometimes, function.

For many apartment-dwellers, it’s what helps to make their cookie-cutter home look and feel different from their neighbours’. Read more here

Along with these facts, feature walls can do a whole lot more! It could be highlighting collected works, have an instant art exhibit every time you walk into the room and develop a good ambiance to your surroundings. If you are sentimental person, you can also use a feature wall as your memory lane by emphasizing the people or events that are close to your heart. More than practicality, getting into the trend and having a good-looking room with feature walls, what a lot of us do not know is that, it is the heart of every home because mainly, feature walls lay stands on the focal point of a house and that’s what is making it more special.

In conclusion, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t have a feature wall—except, well, if you are a renter, you might not to talk it out with your landlord first. However, that is just a minor issue compared to what feature walls can contribute to your place. With proper information, critical-thinking skill, and a fine standard in decorating our homes, we will be able to achieve the mood we want to set for the whole family, guests and to ourselves. The most crucial thing to consider is our own satisfaction with the outcome because if we are pleased, nothing else should matter.